1. Good afternoon and happy easter to all of you from Singapore. :)

  2. We went to the Singapore Zoo today.

    This is the very first time to see a giraffe and polar bear.

    I want to take them both back to Manila!

    They are the cutest, adorable animals ever!!!!!! :3

  3. Wandering again. :)

    Can you guess where?

  4. 041214

    Me, my brothers and my dad joined a fun run today and I joined in the 10KM, my very first one.

    I was running and I want to stop then saw this rainbow, its like a cheer from above that I can finish my 10km.

    I goaled for 2hours to finish it, but I finish in 1hour and 43minutes. :) Its great!

    The last time I saw a rainbow was in Austin. :)

  5. Balsa or Raft.
    Matabungkay Beach in Batangas is famous here.

  6. Here’s a pink horse for y’all.

    Hello and good night.

  7. Merchandise on the wheels.
    Wow! Some people still do this?!
    Its a store in a wheel, usually they use carabao or cow not horse.
    They sell handmade house items.

  8. The sunset from the beach wedding lasy thursday. Lovely!
    Can you find the newly weds? :)

    Good night y’all!

  9. Did I ever mention that I am part time events planner and coordinator in my sister’s events company.

    So, yesterday was my first to work in a beach wedding. It was fun! :)

  10. The cutest thing I saw at the wedding yesterday! :) ♥

  11. 03.16.14

    Joined a running event.
    What I like about joining runs like this is not the exercise but also you get to witness the sunrise.
    Its fascinating to witness it because I am nit a morning person.

    Have a good start of the week! :)

  12. Souvenirs, anyone?

  13. Ill be gone for a while again. My laptop’s broken. My brother broke it and I am too heartbroken. All things I want/about to post is in my laptop.
    Ill have it fixed soon. I’m just too busy with other stuff.


  14. Dried squid ready for grilling.

  15. Korean barbecue for dinner!