1. I was drinking coffee earlier and this lil’ fellow decided to land on my table and hang out with me.
    He stayed there dor a while.
    I find it super cute. :3

  2. Sorbetes- Pinoy ice cream that being sold in the street.

  3. Quezon Memorial Circle

    Where our late President Manuel Quezon is buried underneath  that monument.

  4. Goodnight

  5. Vito Cruz, Taft Avenue, Manila.
    This is the station I get off the train going to my university. I MISSED THIS PLACE!

    Its 3 and half years of my life. (FYI, I went to a trimestral university)

    I went to Vito Cruz today for some errand but the person I am supposed to meet today ditched me.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit my university because of the heavy rain, but I will go back here again on Friday.

  6. Magandang tanghali Pilipinas.
    Good afternoon Philippines.

  7. The best I ca do to capture the lightning.
    This is actually a screencap of my video.

  8. Paint the sky.

  9. Purdy! :3

  10. Hi Sunset.
    Happy Cinco de Mayo.

  11. Paco Park and Chapel

    This place is historical because our national hero Jose Rizal was first secretly buried here after being executed by the Spanish government.

    He was not allowed to be buried anywhere, so they only put his backward initial RPJ in his grave.

    Now Jose Rizal’s remains lay underneath his Monument in Luneta Park, where he was shot to death.

    Oh! There are little crypts here and they said that children were buried there

    Today, Paco Chapel is used for weddings or christening and also one of our tourists’ spots.

  12. Manila Bay: Manila Ocean Park and Manila pier.

    My view from the Manila Hotel 17th floor.

  13. Intramuros- Old Manila.
    A little history.

    Back I’m the days during Spanish Colonization, Intramuros is the only city in Manila.
    It has walls surrounding the city and it is called City within the walls or Walled City.

    Centuries back only rich people:filipinos/spanish , priests and governent people live inside Intramuros.

    Its a must see place whenever you visit Philippines. I am happy that a lot people helped preserve the structures in Intramuros. :)

    We have cathedrals too that are 450 years old.

  14. Marina Bay, Singapore.

    Goodnight. :)

  15. Good afternoon and happy easter to all of you from Singapore. :)