1. I went and ate to this place I saw in the net called Chef Paul’s menu.

    Its a waffle house and the place is so cozy and you’ll know that the owner is a huge music fan. :)

    I like what they did with the menu. They pasted the list on an old vinyl. Their tissue/napkin holder are glued tape. And LOOK! Its a mixed tape!

    It’s so old school. <3

    The food is yummy and its cheap.

    Food A- Champorado. It is a traditional filipino food it is like a sweet chocolate rice porridge, usually served with dried salty fish (tuyo), but what Chef Paul did here was he served it with ham, spam, bacon and tomato

    Food B- Cheesy bacon Pasta. That’s what I ordered. I like how its cheesy but you wont get the “eww too cheesy” feeling. Haha. And instead of garlic bread he served it with waffle! YUM!

    Food C- Waffles with lots of chocolate! :P

  2. The Spanish side of the Philippines.
    I love ancestral houses or establisments and old cathedrals and churches. I thank the Spaniards who left that to us, hundred years ago.
    I love how filipinos took care of these structures. :)

  3. Few from the 32nd floor yesterday.

  4. Runners.

  5. Egg rolls for dinner.
    Since I am trying to eat more veggies outside of work.

  6. My stylist friend did as a photo station tonone of our eventa. Amazing. No need for filter.


  7. I need to go out more and start taking photos again.

  8. I miss being up in the sky and travel. :\

    This was taken somewhere between Singapore air space and Philippines airspace. 

  9. I was drinking coffee earlier and this lil’ fellow decided to land on my table and hang out with me.
    He stayed there dor a while.
    I find it super cute. :3

  10. Sorbetes- Pinoy ice cream that being sold in the street.

  11. Quezon Memorial Circle

    Where our late President Manuel Quezon is buried underneath  that monument.

  12. Goodnight

  13. Vito Cruz, Taft Avenue, Manila.
    This is the station I get off the train going to my university. I MISSED THIS PLACE!

    Its 3 and half years of my life. (FYI, I went to a trimestral university)

    I went to Vito Cruz today for some errand but the person I am supposed to meet today ditched me.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit my university because of the heavy rain, but I will go back here again on Friday.

  14. Magandang tanghali Pilipinas.
    Good afternoon Philippines.

  15. The best I ca do to capture the lightning.
    This is actually a screencap of my video.